Adventures for Dummies

The Spellplague of 1385 DR established the whole world into motion, as well as maps needed to be redrawn. Several places suffered, but number of endured as Lantan.

When Fort Iron was taken within the duergar who inhabited it, A lot of their subterranean quarters were by no means entirely explored. An ancient oubliette has actually been identified and its contents have disturbed the miners. Can the mine as well as miners be saved from the hazards of your Oubliette of Fort Iron?

Candlekeep is below siege, and it wants adventurers to help secure it! Heed the call to defend the legendary monastery and stand in opposition to the tide of evil. (This is often an adventure that works by using the playtest procedures and wishes slightly modification in advance of frequent use)

Features two variations on arena maps to be used using this type of journey, or what ever other adventures You may have planned. There's also a brand new history, the Gladiator.

The sewers beneath Mulmaster have usually been hazardous, with numerous stories of brigands, murderers, and worse that lurk beneath the streets of the town of Danger.

Included in this inagural quantity are 5 encounters to employ in just your current campaign or else to hyperlink and sort The idea of the campaign. Stage agnostic, You should utilize with almost any experience to add depth and taste towards your environment.

“There’s a area while in the continue to keep,” he says, “that has an infernal whistling in it at nighttime; haunting it.  It isn't standard whistling, and it is not the wind." Your host doesn’t glance as confident.  “Various people have bought the Continue to keep during the previous thirty-odd a long time.

About the southern shores from the Moonsea, the citizens of Mulmaster have eked out a residing in which others would very likely have presented up way back—within a bleak city in which corruption is rampant and the Church of Bane retains sway.

Um grande tesouro se encontra nas catacumbas de um antigo e poderoso nobre da região, Johny Aban . Nossas heróis decidem explora-la mas algo não cheira bem. Uma divertida e desafiadora aventura para jogadores a partir do 4º nível. Aventura em Portugues-PtBr.

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs have been driven from their property underneath the Sword Mountains by some horrible evil plus they now see Phandalin as their greatest selection for a new home.

Darkness has arrive at the monastery of Chauntea. A mysterious Demise could bring problems on the monastery, along with the forest kingdom by itself. Fight The weather and remedy the thriller right before It can be as well late!

Within the unexplored of Toril a devious and wicked evil is building. An unnamed passionate team has ideas to construct an unholy army to brush across the total with the Boarst Kingdom. The kingdom has manufactured a contact out for adventures with distinctive capabilities to “deal with it”.

An unexpected experience sales opportunities the PCs to help make a preference involving less than reliable adversaries, along with a attainable quick sojourn from the Underdark. This facet trek is penned with Out of your Abyss in your mind but is usually dropped into any campaign.

Unsatisfied with their lots in life, an not likely team of adventurers look for to search out new lives and untold riches inside the go to this site freshly uncovered continent of Izdihar. Throughout the Faragoth Sea lies fertile soil being farmed, untamed wilds to become explored, and huge fortunes for being gained!

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